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It’s berry, berry goodThe Delhi News-RecordVicki Hartlen - Delhi News-RecordFriday June 24, 2005Berry-lovers got their first chance to indulge their temptations last weekend as strawberry season officially opened.“Lots of people have already been calling and stopping by to see when we’re opening,” said Paula Zelem, who owns Kent Kreek Berries with her husband Jeff and their children.Located on Highway 3 East from Delhi, the stand “is a perfect spot” to attract attention.“We have repeat customers who come back year after year,” said Paula. “And we also get the ones who just happened to see us as they were driving.”The Zelem’s kids operate the stand, which is now officially open.“It’s their responsibility and their job,” said Paula. “That’s part of the attraction for many of our return customers. They really enjoy seeing the kids.”In order to make sure this year’s strawberry crop is even better than last year, Paula said the berries will need warmer nights and sunny days.“The sun and heat we were getting was good, but too soon,” she said. “We need warmer nights consistently and that should help. Cold, wet nights just allow fungus and rot to take over.”In addition to strawberries, the Zelems also grow blueberries and raspberries which will be available soon.“Once the middle of June hits you can almost guarantee berries won’t be too far behind,” she added.